What Does Smitfraud Mean?

Smitfraud is a type of Trojan application that fakes users into buying commercial anti-virus and malware removing software.


It displays fake notifications and pop-ups to the user, alerting them that their system is infected from a virus and they must buy the premium (not free) anti-virus version to remove infections.

Techopedia Explains Smitfraud

Smitfraud works when a user downloads an infected file or data from the computer carrying the smitfraud app code. Typically, such infected files are carried within fake video codes downloaded by the user.

The user browsing a website is asked to download a specific codec to play or view the file. However, in reality that codec carries the smitfraud code. Once the user downloads and installs the video codec, they will start receiving automatic pop-up notifications of their system being in danger or infected. It will than guide the user to the anti-virus or anti-spyware website to purchase the software and remove all the malicious content. Regardless of any other malware removal or anti-virus software installed in the user’s computer, the user will keep receiving the alarming notifications until they purchase the license of smitfraud advertised software.


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