What Does Spamware Mean?

Spamware is a software utility designed specifically by spammers for spamming. Spamware enables a user to search, sort and compile a list of email addresses and provides an automated email broadcasting solution. This can be used to send spam or unsolicited emails to unsuspecting recipients.


Not all software that sends bulk email is spamware, as email listserver software can be used for legitimate purposes, rather than spam.

Techopedia Explains Spamware

Spamware is built around the typical operatives, methodologies or processes that enable a spammer to deliver unsolicited email. Most spamware focuses around gathering email addresses and sending automated emails to all of them through a single platform. This is done through bots that search email aliases from designated systems or websites. More advanced versions of spamware may have the ability to deceive spam filters or firewalls by altering the message header, or by using fake identities/IPs and/or inappropriate proxies.


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