Net Send

What Does Net Send Mean?

Net Send is a command within the Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system’s Messenger Service. Net Send allows messages to be sent to network computers, users and messaging names.


MSG.exe replaced Net Send, as Messenger Service is not supported by Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Techopedia Explains Net Send

Net Send messages may only be sent to active network names. When a message is sent to a user, the user must be logged in and running Messenger Service to receive the message.

A message may be broadcast to all names in a sender’s computer domain but may only contain up to 128 characters. The syntax is “net send {name or * or /domain[:name] or /users} message.
Microsoft advises discretion when sending messages to multiple users.

Messenger Service was originally designed to allow system administrators to notify users about their networks. However, it has been used maliciously to send pop-up Internet ads through mass messaging systems. The Windows XP firewall was rarely able to prevent these malicious attacks. Windows Service Pack )SP) 2 disabled Messenger Service and enables firewall by default.


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