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Data Server

What Does Data Server Mean?

A data server (DS) is a
software program/platform used to provide database services like storing,
processing and securing data. These database services are consumed by other
software programs or components. Sometimes the computer hardware, where the
database is running, is also referred to as a database server. Therefore, the data server
can be seen as the combination of software and hardware platform that runs
the installed database and provides relevant services.


A data server is also known as a database server.

Techopedia Explains Data Server

A data server contains the installation of the database
system. The hardware configuration of a data server
varies for different databases. The database management system (DBMS) is
accessed by other software or by front-end tools like SQL+ or Toad (for Oracle). The primary function of a data server is to store data and provide access
to the other systems. The basic access mechanism is to use query languages like
SQL. The basic structures of query languages are similar with some
variations depending upon the data system. A data system takes queries as input and converts it into a form understandable by the database, and then executes
it to produce the desired output. Some of the widely used database servers include Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.


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