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Hardware Management Console (HMC)

Last updated: August 18, 2011

What Does Hardware Management Console (HMC) Mean?

Hardware management console (HMC) is technology created by IBM to provide the interface required to configure and operate partitioned and SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) systems. Examples of such server systems include IBM System p, IBM System i or IBM Power Systems.


Techopedia Explains Hardware Management Console (HMC)

Using an HMC, a system administrator can inexpensively manage software configuration and operation of partitions in a complex and expensive server system. Additionally, the administrator can monitor the system for hardware issues and errors.

Additionally, the HMC performs DLPAR (dynamic logical partitioning) fuctions, allowing hard drive logical petitions to be configured without shutting down the operating system (OS). It also activates and manages capacity on demand resources, which provide processing power, system memory or other system storage space when needed.


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