What Does Autocorrect Mean?

Autocorrect is a particular piece of language programming technology built into many modern interfaces in order to assist with proper spelling. It is a part of word processors, text messaging platforms, chat technologies and other systems that facilitate text communications.


Techopedia Explains Autocorrect

Technology experts have written long and involved histories of autocorrect and its very diverse effects on users. The love-hate relationship with autocorrect in general illustrates how autocorrect technologies can contribute to much more effective and faster communications, but can also cause specific types of communication problems. To be specific, the strength of most autocorrect programs is that they can help people type out long sentences or phrases with less clicking or typing. The downside is that, like other natural language processing platforms, autocorrect technologies can make big mistakes, causing the user to end up transmitting a message that is very unlike what he or she wanted to say. Many of these failures are both funny and extremely sexual or strongly worded in nature, and are cataloged on various websites dedicated to “autocorrect fails.”


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