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Last updated: February 11, 2019

What Does Bake-Off Mean?

A bake-off is a research process or proof of concept in which competing technologies are compared and the best product or service is selected.

A bake-off may also refer to a meeting in which software programmers challenge network protocols with their best innovative programs.

A bake-off may also be called a technology bake-off.


Techopedia Explains Bake-Off

Forsythe, a technology consulting firm, suggested that a successful technology bake-off requires that participants understand three things about their environment and requirements:

  • What success is for the organization. This involves setting up measurable, deterministic success criteria for each specific data center environment.

  • A benchmark for end-user experience in the physical realm.

  • That all interlocking products that comprise the overall proof-of-concept environment must be correctly configured to ensure that results are meaningful.


Technology Bake-Off

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