Bundled Software

What Does Bundled Software Mean?

Bundled software can be either a set of single software programs that are sold together, or one or more software programs sold together with a piece of hardware. Common types of bundled software include operating systems, utilities and accessories sold with desktop or laptop computers, as well as mobile devices. Other types of bundled software are multiple programs sold as a single software service or product that can provide more than one use.


Techopedia Explains Bundled Software

One common example of software bundling is the shipment of a PC with an operating system as well as many other programs already installed at the factory. A PC typically comes shipped with the Microsoft Windows operating system and many other single software products that are subcomponents of that operating system. For example, Microsoft Office is itself a bundled software product, with individual applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint. All of this typically comes bundled with a personal computer to increase convenience for the customer. Another example of bundled software is an anti-virus or security program that includes individual software products as components, including anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware programs along with firewalls and other security utilities.


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