What Does Courseware Mean?

Courseware refers to a software program especially designed for educational purposes. Initially available on CDs as course help for instructors and helping them manage lectures, courseware has been revolutionized. It is now mostly available online with various resources and supporting material (reference books, research papers and journals). Courseware is especially used for online courses and certifications such as Microsoft Certified Professional courses.


Techopedia Explains Courseware

Courseware educational material that is learned with the help of a computer. It can be in the form of a flash drive, compact disk or material placed online. Courseware can include:

  • Instructions on how to divide a course in lectures
  • Notes for instructor regarding leading of classes
  • Information for self and computer-based learning
  • Useful Web URLs for related material
  • Ideas of making a distance learning class (those conducted over the Internet) interactive
  • Video tutorials for better learning
  • Assignments, quizzes and drills for better understanding
  • Review questions for better understanding

Courseware can be supplemental to traditional classroom-taught courses, or can be standalone courses themselves.


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