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Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

What Does Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Mean?

Enterprise information integration (EII) is software that combines enterprise data and information into a unique data monitoring interface where data is expressed via uniform representation. EII consolidates a large group of distinct data sources into one user and system resource.

EII has developed as an industry, but has not yet reached its maximum potential.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

EII uses data integration in business applications. Enterprise data may be saved as multiple file formats, including relational databases, text, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Excel and many storage systems with proprietary indexing and data access schemes.

EII theories and opinions vary, but there is universal concern about data integration feasibility as a stand-alone product. This is because EII is based on speed and practicality rather than correctness and manageability.


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