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What Does Freeware Mean?

Freeware is any copyrighted software, application or program that may be freely downloaded, installed, used and shared. Such programs are available for use at no cost to general end users. Freeware differs from free software, as the latter allows a user to modify source code for republishing or integration with other software.


Techopedia Explains Freeware

As small software utilities, freeware is free to use throughout its lifetime because it does not expire after a certain period. Freeware may be used for a desktop, mobile or Web-based utility.

Generally, freeware is a concise and limited version of a larger and paid software program. Vendors publish freeware to provide a limited but free version of software to prospective buyers prior to purchase. Additionally, large independent software vendors (ISV) publish freeware to enhance brand buzz and market reputation.


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