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Kiosk Browser

What Does Kiosk Browser Mean?

A kiosk browser is a restrictive Web browser that only allows for partial Internet access or partial computer operations. It is called a kiosk browser because this type of browser is commonly installed in public kiosks, where the computers are for public use.


Techopedia Explains Kiosk Browser

The idea behind the kiosk browser is that, when a computer station is intended for a mass audience, it is important to restrict the user to certain pages that are authorized, not objectionable, and legal for all ages. To that end, kiosk browsers have been designed to keep users within a certain “walled garden” and keep their experience positive and relevant to the task.

In a similar type of setting, certain Web browsers include a “kiosk mode,” which prevents users from accessing offline files on a workstation or personal computer. The idea here is that, if the computer is being used by someone other than the owner, then the guest user should not be allowed to access offline files that are personal.

In general, a kiosk browser works similarly to filtering and parental control software that limits a user’s experience in particular ways.


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