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What Does Range Mean?

In computer programming, range refers to possible variable values or the interval that includes the upper and lower bounds of an array.


In statistics, range refers to the interval between points of data. A statistic’s strength and meaning correlate with the sample size, whether the range is short or long.

Techopedia Explains Range

Values can occur between the smallest and largest values in a set of observed values or data points. Given a set of values, or data points, the range is determined by subtracting the smallest value from the largest value.

On a typical test, there is a range between 0 and 100. The range of possible test values is the largest value (100) minus the smallest value (0): 100–0=100. Thus, the possible value range for a typical exam is 100.

However, in reality, a teacher may receive test results like the following: 60, 72, 75, 77, 81, 85, 85, 86 and 90. These scores are the observed values. The range is the largest test score (90) minus the smallest test score (60): 90–60=30. Thus, the range of actual values (exam grades) is 30.


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