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Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

What Does Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Mean?

An intelligent transportation system (ITS) is a technology, application or platform, that improves the quality of transportation, or achieves other outcomes based on applications that monitor, manage or enhance transportation systems.


Techopedia Explains Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Intelligent transportation systems can be set up in many ways. Some feature telematics and camera designs that capture diverse information on fundamental systems that can use it to manage traffic or public transportation fleets. Some use wireless and RFID radio wave technologies to conduct signals across geographic areas. These systems can also have many different goals — some will look at how to direct volumes of traffic. Others may look at how to improve the enforcement of traffic laws. Others may look at how to reduce carbon emissions, enhance efficiency for individual vehicles or fleets, or achieve various traffic outcomes that enhance quality of life for local residents, pedestrians, bicyclists or others. Some aspects of an intelligent transportation system can be applied to commercial goals, such as quicker shipping, more efficient fleet operations and safer jobs in transportation industries.


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