What Does HomePNA Mean?

HomePNA (HPNA) is a network technology that uses coax wiring and cabling to operate home telephones and jacks. The HPNA Alliance is an open industry alliance of leading technology companies, service providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).


HPNA is formerly known as the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance.

Techopedia Explains HomePNA

HPNA facilitates open and international interoperability standards for all home networked Internet Protocol (IP) data. HPNA also develops ongoing compatible product technology, testing and certification.

In 2009, HPNA partnered with the HomeGrid Forum to develop new global G.hn wired home networking specifications for the International Telecommunication Union’s standardization arm (ITU-T).

The following are HPNA/G.hn customer benefits:

  • Self-installation
  • Connects to any room, regardless of wiring type
  • Remote management
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Multiple equipment suppliers


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