Incident Management Activities

What Does Incident Management Activities Mean?

Incident management (IcM) activities are those related to information technologies where something occurs that is outside the normal scope or routine of a system.


IcM activities involve working toward restoring regular operations or resolving a certain type of incident.

Techopedia Explains Incident Management Activities

IcM activities are generally part of IT Service Management (ITSM) which is a discipline with its own standards and protocols, developed in accordance with national or regional groups such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in the UK.

In many cases, IcM activities are ‘steps’ of an IcM process. For example, one of the first steps involves identifying incidents and analyzing them for figuring out possible solutions. There may be steps related to reaching out to various levels of business or IT roles.

Then there may be investigations of the problem or certain kinds of data forensics work involved. The final steps will relate to resolution of a problem, and documenting that incident as fixed or resolved.

The specific steps in incident management activities will involve a specific system that’s being addressed. Whether it’s a database, the communication system, a data warehouse, a set of business process automation resources, or any other kind of widely diverse system, the key similarity in IcM is that these activities are aimed at restoring processes in order to improve business outcomes – in other words, professionals are trying their best to efficiently get things back on track to minimize disruption related to IT assets.


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