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Object Exchange (OBEX)

What Does Object Exchange (OBEX) Mean?

Object exchange (OBEX) is a protocol for the wireless exchange of data between devices. OBEX has been built into various different kinds of hardware, starting with PDA devices.


Techopedia Explains Object Exchange (OBEX)

OBEX can be useful in Bluetooth designs and other types of wireless connectivity. In terms of its function, OBEX uses a binary format for data sending. It also has more rigid transaction parameters than other protocols like hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), which is extensively used for Internet data transfer.

The Bluetooth Developer Portal describes Object Exchange as a process that helps devices to exchange a wider spectrum of data "in a resource-sensitive, standardized fashion." OBEX also uses the traditional client/server model, in which the requesting device is considered the client device. This facilitates, for example, the exchanging of digital business cards and other resources between devices.


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