Policy Awareness

What Does Policy Awareness Mean?

Policy awareness is an automated process within information systems that provides users with simplified versions of policies contained in information resources. It may also refer to the hard copy of a published policy and other low-tech communications methods including word-of-mouth. The purpose of policy awareness is to facilitate policy and rule compliance and allow for accountability for noncompliance.


Techopedia Explains Policy Awareness

Policy awareness may be promoted through email and instant messages, Web portals on the corporate intranet, voicemail, word-of-mouth from coworkers and supervisors, training sessions and periodic newsletters.

Some organizations use IT systems to enhance policy awareness. For example, Virginia State University implements, maintains and provides ongoing IT “Security Awareness Training” online. This training is required for all university employees, students, vendors, contractors and business partners.

Corporations use multiple techniques to increase policy awareness among their traveling employees. Some are corrective while others are preemptive, and involve sending message reminders via both hard copy and electronic media. The best policies on paper do no good unless corporate travelers are aware of them.


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