Technical Report 069

What Does Technical Report 069 Mean?

Technical Report 069 (TR-069) is a customer-premises equipment WAN management protocol (CWMP) technical specification for remote management of end-user devices introduced by the broadband forum (formerly the DSL forum).TR-069 is an integrated framework equipped with safe auto-configuration. It also can take control of other CPE functions.

The specification was designed to introduce a uniform configuration service that can take place over networks to avoid consumers being overcome by technology or terminology they do not understand. It allows suppliers and service providers to remotely configure equipment without user intervention.


TR-069 uses a bi-directional SOAP/HTTP-based protocol at the application layer to specify CPE and auto configuration server communication.

Techopedia Explains Technical Report 069

TR-069 utilizes an efficient broadband infrastructure for CPE standards and ensures digital subscriber line (DSL) modem and gateway device configuration.

TR-069 works like an internal management system allowing embedded code to issue specific commands, including the following:

  • Auto configuration and dynamic service activation for initial and remote CPE configurations
  • Firmware version and update management
  • Status and performance control for logfile analysis and dynamic messages, diagnostics, connectivity and service control

The technology is applied to many different network-enabled devices such as routers, modems, set-top boxes and VoIP systems. This is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for the remote control and configuration of broadband connected equipment with support from many other forums and initiatives


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