Association For Computing Machinery

What Does Association For Computing Machinery Mean?

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a nonprofit
trade group based around computing technologies. Founded over a half-century
ago, in 1947, the Association for Computing Machinery has over 100,000 members
and is based in New York City.


Techopedia Explains Association For Computing Machinery

Through its central operations, the Association for Computing Machinery maintains various special interest groups or SIGs that help to look at the growth of technology and the role of computing in today’s societies. Thirty-seven special interest groups hold events like conferences and workshops to talk about different aspects of computing, and how they affect human communities.

The Association for Computing Machinery also has many local chapters nationwide, including “student chapters” that operate as local neighborhoods and volunteer-led events to promote the ACM and its role in the world of technology.

With a Women’s Council and other subcommittees, the Association for Computing Machinery attempts to promote diversity and “build a big tent” in order to help more Americans and others around the world to participate in the technical advancements of the last century. The ACM also publishes prolifically about computing and related technology, offers fellowship programs, and recognizes senior members with awards.


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