Metro Ethernet Forum

What Does Metro Ethernet Forum Mean?

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to accelerate the use of carrier class Ethernet networks and services worldwide. It is made up of leading service providers, local exchange carriers, test equipment vendors, network equipment vendors and other networking companies that share an interest in the organization’s goal.


The Metro Ethernet Forum was formed in 2001. The forum makes recommendations to existing standards bodies and also makes its own specifications.

Techopedia Explains Metro Ethernet Forum

The Ethernet First Mile Alliance (EFMA), another nonprofit international industry consortium established in 2001, also promoted standards-based Ethernet in first-mile technologies and products, and positioned Ethernet as the key networking technology for network access. With the introduction of IEEE standard 802.3ah in 2005, EFMA became an integral part of MEF.

The Metro Ethernet Forum creates white papers that provide a comprehensive technical overview of Ethernet services. These papers help those who use and buy Ethernet services to understand the types of services available.


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