Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium

What Does Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium Mean?

Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) is an international non-profit organization committed to mobile computing market development and expansion. MCPC members include organizations related to four industries: communications carriers, computer hardware manufacturers, software developers and system integrators.


MCPC member organizations continually expand and evolve mobile computing systems, particularly by promoting strong relations with the Portable Computer and Communications Association (PCCA) in the United States.

Techopedia Explains Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium

MCPC membership is segmented as follows:

  • Supporting Members: 69
  • Venture Square Members: 14
  • Executive Members: 12
  • Cooperation Partners: 12
  • International Cooperation Partners: 6

MCPC organizations facilitate the following objectives:

  • Research and implement measures addressing technical and operational issues
  • Promote joint research and development
  • Establish standards
  • Promote and disseminate plans and initiatives for implementing a more advanced, efficient and economic mobile computing system

MCPC activities include:

  • Researching mobile computing system issues
  • Shaping and expanding the mobile computing system market
  • Improving global interconnectivity
  • Contributing to a multimedia/communications based mobile computing infrastructure
  • Exchanging mobile system data with worldwide organizations

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