What Does Solaris Mean?

Solaris is a Unix enterprise OS. Solaris is known for its scalability. It can handle a large workload and still keep operating smoothly across databases, systems and applications. Solaris was developed by Sun Microsystems and has been owned by the Oracle Corporation since its take-over of Sun in early 2010.


This term is also known as Oracle Solaris.

Techopedia Explains Solaris

Solaris has advanced, unique security capabilities. It can anticipate computer problems through what is known as automated self-healing. This is especially helpful for computer programmers. Disaster recovery is an integral part of the Solaris OS, which enlists default file systems. Developers can use Solaris to test new software and efficiently consolidate application workloads, allowing other systems to be managed in conjunction with Solaris. One of the many features of Solaris includes the Solaris Service Manager, which allows users to adapt many applications for running under this software.


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