Cursor Control Keys

What Does Cursor Control Keys Mean?

Cursor control keys are buttons on a computer keyboard that move the cursor. They are often considered to be synonymous with arrow keys, but there is a slight difference; the cursor keys are usually several keys that can be used for the movement of the cursor, like the WASD combination. However, the arrow keys are four keys that have arrow markings on them, but are exclusively used for cursor movement in specified directions.


Techopedia Explains Cursor Control Keys

The cursor control keys are largely used for the purpose of navigating through documents or for playing games. Before the mouse was invented, the use of cursor control keys was the only way to navigate. As such, several combinations of keys were prevalent, depending on the keyboard layout in use. WASD, IJKL, IJKM and ESDF are some of the common key combinations in use on standard keyboard layouts, while AOE is used on Dvorak keyboards and ZQSD on AZERTY keyboards. Presently though, much of the navigating can be done with the help of the mouse.

The Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys also considered cursor control keys.


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