Endpoint Security Management

What Does Endpoint Security Management Mean?

Endpoint security management refers to the security processes or protocols for restricting network access from individual mobile or computing devices. Each of these devices represents an endpoint that must be monitored for appropriate authorization and administrative controls.


Techopedia Explains Endpoint Security Management

In general, endpoint security management may be just one small part of a comprehensive IT security strategy. Because so many employees now opt to use personal devices for work, there is a large potential for data theft or other security problems based on how these mobile devices access a company network. Endpoint security management involves controlling threats from malware or unauthorized access from individual wireless or mobile devices. Enterprise vendors have packed a lot of features into these types of programs in order to help companies improve their security processes across the board. This may include helping companies to stay compliant without hampering business processes, and protecting hardware assets along with the network as a whole.

Endpoint security management systems can be built in-house, delivered as individual software applications, or offered as part of a Web-delivered cloud feature within a package of services.


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