What Does Teleconference Mean?

A teleconference is a conference that is held through a telephone system or similar network. A wide variety of teleconferencing equipment helps businesses and organizations to accomplish multi-user communications where individual users can connect to each other from sites anywhere around the world. Features like file sharing, joint presentation displays, and other extras help to add more functionality to teleconferencing.


A teleconference is also known as an audioconference.

Techopedia Explains Teleconference

Large tech providers as well as smaller vendors continue to add new teleconferencing products to the array of products and services already available. Teleconferencing resources often use the Internet Protocol network system. This includes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, which deliver teleconferencing through the use of routed connections via the World Wide Web’s global network system. These types of resources are becoming more sophisticated and versatile for today’s growing market in group telecommunications.


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