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What Does Video Bridge Mean?

A video bridge is a communication setup used in video conferencing to connect and collaborate multiple locations or points into a common conference. It is also capable of providing real-time audio and visual interactions for all the participants involved. The major advantages of video bridge are the trimming of travel expenses and time effectiveness. As a result, productivity of the attendees is high as attendees can get back to productive work more quickly compared to other conferencing methods.


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The capacity of a video bridge is largely dependent on the types of signals transmitted and the designed system. Recent technology advancements have made video bridges more affordable and have reduced the time delays which occur in real-time audio and video signals. As in case of an audio bridge used in a conference call, video bridge is also provided with serial ports that are highly capable of transmitting audio and video signals. It is also capable of receiving multiple signals and streaming all the signals received into a common feeding point for transmission. Based on the configuration of the video bridge used, other communication tools can also be used for receiving and transporting signals. The features of these tools can include conversion of the streams received into digital format, usage of satellite technology or other relevant technology to manage the audio and video hookups or even streaming the audio and video signals over the Internet or any other network.


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