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Web Page

What Does Web Page Mean?

A Web page is a document for the World Wide Web that is identified by a unique uniform resource locator (URL).


A Web page can be accessed and displayed on a monitor or mobile device through a Web browser . The data found in a Web page is usually in HTML or XHTML format. The Web pages usually also contain other resources such as style sheets, scripts and images for presentation. Users may be able to navigate to other pages through hypertext links.

Techopedia Explains Web Page

A Web page is a representation of a document that is actually located at a remote site. The information on a Web page is displayed online with the help of a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The Web browser is connected to the Web server, where the website’s contents are hosted through HTTP. Every Web page corresponds to various types of information presented to the visitor in a visual and readable manner.


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