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What Does VMware ESX Mean?

VMware ESX is an enterprise-level product developed by VMware Inc. that is used for server virtualization. It runs without requiring an existing operating system on the physical machine. VMware ESX is embedded hypervisor software and is available in two versions: ESX Server and ESXi Server.


Techopedia Explains VMware ESX

VMware is one of the largest companies producing different kinds of software and products for virtualization. VMware products play a role in providing virtualization deployment in the IT industry, helping make IT infrastructure more reliable, flexible and accessible compared to traditional hardware-based IT solutions.

VMware ESX and ESXi can be installed as part of the VMware infrastructure to allow centralized administration of enterprise desktops and data center applications.

VMware ESX’s key benefits include:

  • A reduction in cooling and power costs
  • A reduction in a company’s overall hardware footprints in its data centers
  • High-level performance
  • A secure and reliable server virtualization environment

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