A-list Blogger

What Does A-list Blogger Mean?

An A-list blogger is blogger who belongs to an elite group of bloggers who post regularly, receive high traffic and enjoy many links back to their blog from other sites. A blogger’s A-list status may also be determined by a well-defined topic, consistent branding, high visibility and lots of feedback from readers.


Techopedia Explains A-list Blogger

Blog leaderboards such as Technorati and Ad Age 150 have contributed to the hype surrounding many A-list bloggers. Many of these top blogs have major influence and drive a lot of traffic, but they differ from smaller, more personal blogs because many of them are no longer maintained by the people who started them.

Successful bloggers often provide one or more of the following tips for maintaining a successful on a blog:

  • Write well and update the blog frequently
  • Provide unique content
  • Network with other bloggers
  • Connect with readers by responding to comments, heeding suggestions and attending conferences

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