What Does Anonoblog Mean?

An anonoblog is a public blog that is written and managed by an anonymous author, or an author who uses a pseudonym. Anonoblog is a slang term that combines the words “anonymous” and “blog”. An anonoblog can contain general or even specific information about its author(s), but it does not convey the author’s true identity or name.


Techopedia Explains Anonoblog

Anonoblogs can afford the user free and uninhibited expression on virtually any topic without the fear of social repercussions or social judgment. Social media marketing companies also use anonoblogs so that they can direct consumers to websites that sell products online.

The potential downside to anonoblogs is that anyone and everyone with an opinion can use this technology as long as they know how to create a blog or comment on one. Some might find certain anonoblogs distasteful, impertinent, ludicrous or offensive, but laws that protect freedom of speech in many countries permit the use of anonoblogs.

Anonoblogging is considered a Web 2.0-type application in that it facilitates information sharing, interoperability and collaboration on the World Wide Web.


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