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What Does Facebook Connect Mean?

Facebook Connect is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) launched by Facebook in 2008 that enabled users to log on to third-party websites, applications or devices using their Facebook identity.


Facebook Connect is a way for Web or application developers to help their users to connect and share content with their friends, both on and off Facebook. This can increase a site or application’s interaction with its users.

Techopedia Explains Facebook Connect

The most common example of Facebook Connect is its use in commenting on Web content. Articles posted online often allow comments. When they do so through Facebook Connect, the Facebook user’s comment is also posted to his or her news feed (and therefore sent to all the user’s friends). The comment also shows the user’s name and profile picture on the website where the article appears. This function has been adopted by many online publishers because when posters are forced to act under a verifiable identity, this can help reduce hateful, violent or spam comments.

Facebook Connect provides the following functionalities:

  • Authentication: Users can connect their Facebook accounts with Facebook partner sites and applications while using the trusted user authentication Facebook provides.
  • Identity Verification: The use of a Facebook profile provides a way to authenticate a user’s identity for other applications.
  • Interactivity: Facebook Connect gives Facebook users more opportunity to interact with their Facebook friends outside of Facebook itself.
  • Privacy: Facebook Connect maintains all the privacy settings a user implements on Facebook itself.

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