What Does Influencer Mean?

In IT, an influencer is an individual who has the ability to sway an audience through a digital platform. This term is often used in relation to social media marketing and other related efforts.


Techopedia Explains Influencer

In general, marketers and other related personnel will look at a person’s credentials to determine whether he/she is fit to become an “influencer.” These include the expertise of the individual in the target field, as well as any prominent roles he/she may have held in certain industries. The effectiveness of influencers is gauged according to the result of “influencer marketing,” which is a multi-step flow model that shows how people’s opinions change based on input. Some companies market their products and services through an influencer in the hope that the latter can shape the mindset of their target audience. Marketing experts explain that influence has a lot more to do with simple exposure to ideas than it does with rhetoric or other persuasive techniques.


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