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Apache Web Server

Definition - What does Apache Web Server mean?

Apache Web Server is an open source Web server creation, deployment and management software. Initially developed by a group of software programmers, it is now maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.

As of 2013, with over 100 million websites and over 50 percent of the global market share, Apache Web Server is one of the most commonly used applications for website hosting.

Techopedia explains Apache Web Server

Apache Web Server is designed to create Web servers that have the ability to host one or more HTTP-based websites. Notable features include the ability to support multiple programming languages, server side scripting, an authentication mechanism and database support. Apache Web Server can be enhanced by manipulating the code base or adding multiple extensions/add-ons.

It is also widely used by Web hosting companies for the purpose of providing shared/virtual hosting, as by default, Apache Web Server supports and distinguishes between different hosts that reside on the same machine.

As of January 2013, the most current version of Apache Web Server is version 2.4.3.

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