What Does Autodiscovery Mean?

Autodiscovery is a group of software tools for detecting and collecting data on network changes and network asset changes such as changes to data (files), memory and software upgrades or versions.


Techopedia Explains Autodiscovery

Autodiscovery is used in large companies to populate configuration management databases (CMDBs). Such data is difficult to manage but may benefit the company. One example is human resources data. As soon as a configuration item (CI) is manually determined and linked to an application, autodiscovery will automatically find the data and begin populating the database, possibly a CMDB. Company management, along with IT personnel, must check to see that autodiscovery is working properly. The type of check that a company uses will depend on the company’s philosophy about what and how information is discovered, collected, disseminated and made internally or externally available.


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