What Does JScript Mean?

JScript is a popular object-based scripting language from Microsoft based on the ECMA standard. JScript is an interpreted language that is executed without a preliminary compilation.


JScript is also known as classic script or active scripting JScript.

Techopedia Explains JScript

JScript was primarily designed for Web browsers that adhere to Windows Script. One of the major advantages of JScript is that it can be used as a Windows Script engine because it can be plugged in to any Windows application such as Internet Explorer, Active Server Pages and Windows Script Host. In JScript it is not necessary to declare the data types of variables explicitly so it is also called a loosely typed language because it is able to convert numbers into text and perform other automatic conversions.

JScript was first implemented in 1996 with Internet Explorer version 3.0. The latest version of JScript is 5.8 released with Internet Explorer version 8.0.

JScript has limited support for running scripts because it always requires an interpreter or host to be present while running scripts. An interpreter can be an active server pages (ASP), Internet Explorer, or Windows Script host.


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