What Does Mashboard Mean?

Mashboard is a managerial tool set that acts as a real-time dashboard. Mashboard uses visualization techniques to present evolving business process data to facilitate broad analysis and decision execution. Mashboards allow deeper business visibility and insight into business processes. Mashboards include quantitative, qualitative and interactive data.


Mashboard is a Web 2.0 buzzword.

Techopedia Explains Mashboard

The mashboard concept was accelerated by IBM’s acquisition of SPSS (originally known as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and the growth of the R Project, a popular open-source programming language and software environment.

There are five key mashboard elements that are specific to business intelligence:

  • Presentation of quantitative business process data measured as metrics or key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Deeper process-oriented data analysis to reveal additional required detail via hyperlinks or database pivoting, also known as drill down
  • A starting point for exploring required and varied data through visualization techniques, including graphs, charts, maps, widgets, tables and cross-tabular tables
  • Strategically combined and relevant Web-based data from preexisting sources for superior insight
  • Logical presentation of quantitative, process-oriented and relevant Web-based data, aligned to facilitate shorter paths between data, the dashboard and the decisions made.

Continued mashboard use requires automatic data imports to ensure current and timely decisions.


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