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What Does Website Template Mean?

A website template is a predesigned resource that shows the structure for the comprehensive layout and display features of any website. It is provided by various suppliers to help make Web design a lot easier for designers.


A website template is also known as a Web page template or page template.

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Techopedia Explains Website Template

Essentially, a website template gives designers relatively easy ways to plug content into a sophisticated framework built through classic Web languages such as HTML and CSS. A website template may include carefully laid out titles, square or round images, background banners, stripes and other layout features, as well as styled and laid out typography. Designers can take advantage of these templates and simply swap in their own data and images to get a very elaborate Web style without writing any codes themselves.

One of the most useful elements of website templates is new resources for responsive Web design. Responsive website templates can help small businesses and other users meet the challenges of a mobile-centric age by allowing them to easily build a new Web project that caters to people who use smartphones and other mobile devices. In some cases, business owners or other users can take data and images from their legacy site and put them directly into a responsive website template to be able to offer a modern mobile-friendly version of their site for certain customers and other visitors.


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