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Personal Web Server

What Does Personal Web Server Mean?

Personal Web Server (PWS) is a web server application from Microsoft that allows a user to save, selectively publish and share posts on the World Wide Web or a local network. Personal Web Server differs from all other types of Web servers in the way that it is controlled and operated by an individual rather than a company. Technically it is the same as a Web server, but conceptually it is quite different.


Techopedia Explains Personal Web Server

Personal Web Server is a type of a Web server application from Microsoft that is designed for an individual PC and that enables the sharing of files and data to the network directly from the hard drive of the PC. It is a less-flashy version of Microsoft Web Server, which is a stronger information server. PWS can be used to support Web pages if it is attached to a continuous Internet connection. It can also help websites to generate more traffic in an offline mode by staging websites before they are published globally. Personal Web Server can be implemented as a Web application, as an all-purpose Web server that can be personal or part of a small network, a website-hosting server working online (or offline) or simply a component of a computer.


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