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Web Authoring

What Does Web Authoring Mean?

Web authoring is the practice of creating web documents using modern web authoring software and tools. Web authoring software is a type of desktop publishing tool that allows users to navigate the tricky environment of HTML and web coding by offering a different kind of graphical user interface.


Techopedia Explains Web Authoring

With web authoring tools, the end user can see a visual result that is a lot like the final project after it is built. Web authoring tools are similar to HTML editors in that they typically allow toggling between an HTML code view and a visual design. Some of these types of tools are also called WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editors because, again, they allow displaying something that looks like the final project as the user is building it. The alternative is to hand code a project, which can be frustrating, confusing and daunting for less experienced designers. There are many different tools available for web authoring that help translate HTML coding for those who do not have as much experience with web code syntax.


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