What Does HomeGroup Mean?

HomeGroup is a feature available in Windows 7 and higher whereby computers that are connected via a home network are able to share files, printers and data. There is no limit to the number of computers that can be linked through the home network, and special permissions and privacy can be added to folders in connected systems.


Techopedia Explains HomeGroup

HomeGroup is an extended form of a workgroup, already present in all Windows and many other operating systems, making it easy to share information between systems in the same network. A HomeGroup is automatically generated when Windows 7 or newer is installed, and upon connecting to a network declared as home, it shows the number of active systems present at that time connected through the network.

HomeGroups follow standard privacy protocols, whereby passwords can be added or changed to control unauthorized access to data. It is an easy way to share data and devices with other computers on the same network.


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