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Local Area Connections

What Does Local Area Connections Mean?

Local Area Connections refers to a connection established to access Internet service. It is a feature of the Windows Operation System, which introduced the specific term. While installing Windows on a machine, the system itself assigns a local area connection to network adapter. The user can add one or more local area networks (LANs) to which the system establishes a connection.


Techopedia Explains Local Area Connections

Local Area Connections was introduced by Windows and is typically associated with it. A local area connection is activated in every system by default when Windows is being set up. The network adapter is given a connection to which the Internet can be accessed and browsed. A user can enter several LANs through the Network Connection folder and Set up LAN utility. This creates and activates local area connection in a system. Local Area Connections manages network connections that are within a limited area. Broadband users also connect through local area connection.


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