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Task Manager

What Does Task Manager Mean?

A task manager is a utility that provides a view of active processes or tasks, as well as related information, and may also allow users to enter commands that will manipulate those tasks in various ways. Individual task managers accomplish different functions depending on the operating system and software requirements.


Techopedia Explains Task Manager

One of the most common examples of a task manager is the task manager utility in Microsoft Windows. Because the Windows operating system dominates much of the personal computer market, many users are most familiar with the task manager in this environment. Here, the task manager can be pulled from a menu command or brought up using Control-Alt-Delete. The task manager shows the user all of the active processes and allows users to terminate those that are causing problems.

Apart from the Windows task manager, other kinds of operating systems have their own task managers. For example, the Gnome System Monitor in Linux is an example of a task manager utility in an open-source platform.


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