Virtual File Allocation Table

What Does Virtual File Allocation Table Mean?

A virtual file allocation table (VFAT) is an extension to the file allocation table (FAT) from Windows 95 and onward for creating, storing and managing files with long names. VFAT enables a hard disk drive to store files with names that are more than eight characters long.


Techopedia Explains Virtual File Allocation Table

A VFAT is primarily an upgrade to the file allocation table (FAT) system, and is installed as a driver on a host computer. After installation, VFAT runs in a 32-bit protected mode VCACHE cache. Unlike FAT, which restricts file names to having no more than eight characters, VFAT expanded that range to accommodate up to 255 characters. VFAT is also supported by other operating systems and is installed as a driver extension for all of them.


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