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Windows Image Management (WIM)

Last updated: March 13, 2012

What Does Windows Image Management (WIM) Mean?

Windows Image Management (WIM) is a file format as well as process through which compressed disk images are created, distributed and installed on the Windows OS.

WIM creates disk images for Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating system.


Techopedia Explains Windows Image Management (WIM)

Windows Image Management enables the compression, coupling, distribution and deployment of multiple Windows OS images within a network. It primarily employs ImageX and the Windows Imaging Interface Reference (WIIR) for creating and managing WIM extension files or Windows OS images and system partitions.

The complete WIM process works in conjunction with ImageX and WIIR. ImageX saves, edits and deploys Windows volume or partition images, whereas WIIR provides APIs for programmers to access, modify and deploy the WIM files created by ImageX.


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