Windows XP ICS Internet Gateway

What Does Windows XP ICS Internet Gateway Mean?

Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing Internet Gateway is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows an Internet connection sharing (ICS) client computer to control and monitor the Internet connection of the ICS server remotely.


Techopedia Explains Windows XP ICS Internet Gateway

The Windows XP Internet connection sharing allows Internet sharing to other computers in the network. Microsoft added the Internet Gateway feature to Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium and Windows XP. It acts as an ICS client through Microsoft’s Network Setup Wizard. Some of the capabilities of ICS include support for multiple users to connect to the Internet using dial-up networking and local networking. The devices in the network sharing the Internet connection will have a transparent network configuration through DNS and DHCP that will resolve the Internet names. There is also support for multiple clients with a valid IP including older Windows-based clients, non Windows-based clients, Microsoft Windows 98-based clients and Windows Millennium based clients without having to install client software. And devices once connected to the network will have broad protocol support including PPTP and VPN.


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