Greenfield Deployment

What Does Greenfield Deployment Mean?

Greenfield deployment refers to the installation of an IT system where previously there was none. This term is derived from the construction industry, where new development on previously undeveloped land is called greenfield development. Greenfield deployment may refer to a network, data center or other major IT projects when they are built from the ground up. This type of development is often beneficial because it is not subject to constraints posed by existing networks.


Greenfield networks may also be referred to as greenfield projects.

Techopedia Explains Greenfield Deployment

Greenfield deployment contrasts with brownfield deployment, which refers to an upgrade or addition to an existing network. The first cellphone tower networks were built using existing infrastructure. This was considered to be efficient at the time, but as demand for higher network capacity continued to grow, whole new networks were deployed to meet these needs.

Greenfield deployment is now most common in developing countries that may not yet have technical infrastructure but can benefit from new technology in developed nations.


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