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La Fonera

Last updated: May 1, 2013

What Does La Fonera Mean?

La Fonera is a proprietary peer-to-peer (P2P) router distributed by FON Wireless Ltd (FON) to FON members (Foneros). La Fonera service provides broadband Internet connection for wireless access to users (Foneros). FON's dual-access Wi-Fi sharing community is the largest global Wi-Fi network, and continually increasing FON membership has evolved into over three million hot spots.

Techopedia Explains La Fonera

The three FON membership levels are: Aliens: Access FON for a fee and do not share Wi-Fi Linuses: Access FON for free and share Wi-Fi. Earn money from Aliens. Named for Linux Project founder Linus Torvalds. Bills: Earn 50 percent net revenues from purchased router sales via FON spots. Named for Bill Gates. La Fonera transmits two encrypted Wi-Fi signals: One for personal and one directed to a private portal for safe connection. La Fonera routers are required for free FON access. Specifications include: Pricing: 19-99 U.S. dollars (USD) Requires a 54Mbps Wi-Fi network connection FON Spots are wireless Foneros access points requiring Wi-Fi devices with FON connection managers and Web browsers, such as a laptop, phone or personal digital assistant (PDA). FON Spots are located via FON Maps.

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