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Data-Sending Trojan

What Does Data-Sending Trojan Mean?

A data-sending Trojan is a kind of Trojan virus that relays sensitive information back to its owner. This type of Trojan can be used to retrieve sensitive data, including credit card information, email addresses, passwords, instant messaging contact lists, log files and so on.


Some data-sending Trojans are not used for malicious acts, but they still relay information. Usually, this is to serve ads to the user. Hackers use data-sending Trojans to gain data about user activity on the Web, such as the sites visited and the ads or other icons clicked. Using this information, the Trojans serve the relevant ads to the user.

Techopedia Explains Data-Sending Trojan

Sometimes, data-sending Trojans will install key loggers on a computer so that all key strokes are recorded and sent back to the hacker. Then another program parses the data and separates it into readable words.

Data-sending Trojans are quite annoying, even though some are only used to present ads to a user. However, these ads may arrive irregularly and can be cunning if they advertise something like virus removal when in fact the Trojan pushing the ad for a product to remove itself from the user’s computer.


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