Wireless Imaging

What Does Wireless Imaging Mean?

Wireless imaging describes the technology used to capture and transmit images wirelessly, either for storing or sharing. The concept is simple, from an image-capturing device, such as a camera, images are sent to another device such as a computer, that stores and process the images. This can be done for both still and video images.


Techopedia Explains Wireless Imaging

Wireless imaging was a term that emerged in the early 2000s, when wireless consumer technology was still in its infancy and the subject of much excitement. Though it is a ubiquitous matter now, so much that most people are not even familiar with the term, during that time the idea was very novel and innovative, and felt like the stuff of science fiction.

Today wireless imaging is so common that it is not even really considered a class of technology, because it is at such a basic level of utilization. The mere act of taking a picture using Instagram on a mobile phone and then sharing it with friends, an act which takes mere seconds, is wireless imaging technology at work. Taking pictures and automatically uploading them to services like Dropbox, Google+ and Facebook is another feat of wireless imaging. Sending pictures in IM apps such as Viber, Skype and Line is also another good example of wireless imaging.

In more serious applications, wireless imaging is used in satellites when taking images and sending them to base stations wirelessly, in medical equipment that automatically shares images with all involved doctors and medical personnel, in military drones sending video feed to its human controller wirelessly; all of these are examples of the uses of wireless imaging technologies.

So in essence, wireless imaging is anything involving the capture of images and video (sometimes including audio) and then using any of the various wireless technologies to transmit the images to a remote location or device.


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